About Us

West Salem Titans Water Polo is a club sport through West Salem High School that provides a great opportunity for athletes of all ability levels who are comfortable in the water and enjoy a competitive and welcoming team environment.  Led by Coach Eric Davenport and assistant coaches Kim Davenport and Andrew, the team plays August through mid-November. 

While the team plays as a club through West Salem High School, water polo is not yet an OSAA sanctioned sport and therefore receives no funds from the school. The season is supported through payer dues and the generosity of the community through fundraisers and donations.


West Salem Titans Water Polo Administration

West Salem Titan Water Polo is a 501 3C managed by a 5 person, volunteer board. The aboard oversees all activities for the athletes. 

Meet the Board:

Head Coach: Eric Davenport

President: Kelli Heflin

Vice President: Kenda Peterson-Hunt

Treasurer: Reva Johnson

Communications Officer: Nicki Oliver


Community Supporters

Valued Partnerships

Without generous donations and local businesses supporting us through fundraisers, we could not be a successful club. We want to thank all those who support us and ask you to visit them and let them know their support makes a difference in the youth of our community! Thank you from West Salem Water Polo!


Figaro's Pizza - West Salem


LimeBerry - West Salem

Client 7

Union 503

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Jersey Mike's - West Salem